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Clever, going tagless is a supreme idea!

mens water polo suit

"MONSTERPOLO is on the cutting edge of design. I've seen so many copy you thru-out the years!"

Kaylin G.  Rancho Cucamonga CA


Tougher. Durable. Comfort.

Version 2.2.1



Double-lined, lightweight, quick-dry, ballistic strength, fade-resistant PBT poly.


8"max extended grip

high-strength poly cord, in black.

No. 3-101MWP


Chlorine resistant 19.05 mm rubber on waist and 7.94 mm on leg openings. Double-needle clean finish overlock used throughout with reinforced tacking on all seams.


Meticulously sewn by local artisans in our Downtown Los Angeles production facility.

All components used in the production of the suit/bather are made in the USA.

Ducko water polo suits


Measure waist size by inches or centimeter.

mens water polo suit


Meeting passionate people is extremely satisfying! Selling at a pool venue in Ventura, I was shocked when Travis told me that he had an original Ducko, reached into his pack and pulled out an original Black and White series, Flames suit. I said, he's got to let me take a photo of it, and there it is below.

Travis has worn Duckos since our start and is currently coaching in Santa Barbara. 

Talk about durable gear, surprisingly his suit is still in great shape!

I think we make them too good! 


2007 FLAME Original

"I have loved Ducko suits and MONSTERPOLO designs since I was in high school. I found my original Flame suit and I am quite glad it still fits!"

Travis A. Santa Barbara CA

"The guys were stoked! Suits fit perfectly.

Design is awesome!"

Kody M.  Palomar CA

"Best fitting and strongest suits I've worn here

and internationally by far."

Spencer W.  Berkeley CA

"10 years of playing. First suit from MONSTERPOLO. Been wearing the brand ever since. Quality, feel, and design is unparalleled. My teams wears nothing but. We've been beyond satisfied year after year!"

Nick C.  Irvine CA

"Suits that I have from monsterpolo have been

nothing but amazing! They have held up much much better than other brands."

Stuart S.  San Diego CA

"I’ve tried out so many suits over the years...  yet my MONSTERPOLO suits have been the most comfortable and longest lasting ones I’ve had!  DEFINITELY recommend!"

Ryan M.  Del Mar CA

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