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Parka is good! - Everyday! Comes in two lengths, Shortie (Coach's favorite) and Standard, (10" longer). Not like the old, worn-out, typical parkas of yester-year. We use white 100% polyester with a water-proof barrier backing and dye-sublimate it to give you the hottest parka your school has ever seen - evah!

Beast Mode

Waterpolo Parka

An everyday Parka made to keep you warm and cozy even in the harshest conditions.  Forget those boring block letter stitched parkas and go with our bold and customizable dye-sub parka guaranteed to stand out and be spotted from across the pool deck.  Made of 100% water-resistant polyester and a cozy soft fleece liner, this parka will not only dry you off after getting out of the pool, but it will keep you dry and warm in a drizzle or flurry.  This Parka is the perfect companion for the classic California challenge—throw it on after a morning surf session in Malibu, and again after an afternoon snowboarding shred in Big Bear, all in one day!

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