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Cal Berkeley Champions


Ballistic strength material made from double-lined, lightweight, quick-dry, fade-resistant PBT poly. 


8” max extended grip, high-strength poly cord in jet black. 

Inner lining on all production team suits comes in madness black!!!!

Really, who wants white anyways? Yuck! Almost

as bad as beige.

No. 2-101MWP


Chlorine resistant 19.05 mm rubber on waist and 7.94 mm on leg openings. Double-needle clean finish overlock used throughout with reinforced tacking on all seams.


Meticulously sewn by local artisans in our Downtown Los Angeles production facility with every suit component made in the USA.

Made in the USA. Why it's better.

Our first suits ever made were produced in Greece by Uncle Lukatos who designed the Greek Mens Team suits in the 2004 Athens Olympics. (This gave us such a good base pattern!)

Not only dealing with customs, shipping times and costs but lower standard suit quality and durability, we felt that we had lost control of production. Fortunately, we were clueless on how to produce anything in the USA and had to do some major research. That was then. Now we have exactly what we wanted, complete control over everything involving our suits. From our fabric, cord, lining, rubber, bursting colors on the stitching to the care label printed inside the suit, we have all sources to produce right from our Southern California backyard. 

How does this affect you? Our process gets you the perfect hand crafted product with local on-time delivery. No more waiting for your suits to show up half-assed the last game day of League Finals.

Wait, oh no, new kids showed up! Don’t worry, we may just have a few more of your team suits on hand and a second order is no problema. We want teams in the pool blasting shots as soon as possible.

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