Minimal storage. Tough as hell. Quick on the dry. Durable, long-lasting, lightweight, soft, quick-drying 48% poly 52% cotton towels. Wide (ideal for deck change) non-bulky. Ready for use by game 2.

NSD Team Towels


Double-lined, lightweight, QuikDry, ballistic strength, chlolrine and fade-resistant PBT/poly (Polybutylene terephthalate) superior UV properties fabric. Using a black 8" forward max extended grip high-strength poly drawcord. Chlorine resistant 19.05 mm rubber on waist and 7.94 mm on leg openings. Double-needle clean finish overlock used throughout with reinforced tackings on all seems.

Meticulously sewn by local artisans in our Downtown Los Angeles production facility. All components used in the production are made in the USA.